Train-the-Trainer – Fall Protection



Course Synopsis:

Industrial falls are still the #2 cause of death on the job. (In construction, its #1!). Falls-from-height regularly account for the longest and most expensive rehabilitation periods for industrial injuries. Many modern fall protection systems are complicated to inspect, setup and use – workers must be trained in their safe operation.


What you will learn:

Beginning with a thorough discussion of the human and legal requirements for fall protection, the program introduces trainers to the principles of adult learning for industrial safety training and proper procedures for the selection, inspection, setup and use of several types of fall protection systems. Trainers will also learn to develop several practical, site-specific, hands-on exercises for their trainees.


Who should attend:

This course is intended for corporate “in house” trainers only and requires licensing to utilize Hightek’s “Authorized Person in Fall Protection” curriculum. The course is a three year certification, after which a recertification is required.


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