Competent Fall Protection Equipment Inspector – Coached Training


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Now you can earn or renew this important certification when you want, from the location you want and with one-on-one coached training!

About the Program

  • Designed for any organization that owns and uses CSA and/or ANSI certified fall protection equipment.
  • All fall protection equipment must be regularly inspected for damage, defects and wear by a Competent Person.
  • This certification is intended for fall protection equipment inspectors who will be directly inspecting their own organization’s fall protection equipment and is not to certify third party inspectors.
  • This is a 3-year certification, after which a recertification is required.
  • $495 USD/CAD per Inspector Trainee

How the Program Works

This is a Blended Learning Program that can be completed from anywhere in the world! We have combined the very best teaching methods, web video delivery, learner assessments and one-to-one coaching to create the very best learning environment for you.

All for only $495 USD/CAD per person

Course Structure

Beginning with a thorough discussion of the legal requirements for fall protection equipment inspection, the course focuses on establishing consistent and understandable inspection procedures. Through several hands-on exercises, workers discuss and learn proper inspection techniques and manufacturers’ standards for full body harnesses, anchorage connectors, lanyards, lifelines, and other fall protection hardware. Finally, the program provides instruction on proper inspection recordkeeping as well as basic equipment care and maintenance.

Course Modules:

  1. Introduction and Orientation – Online
  2. Practical Assignment #1 – Field Assignment
  3. Individual Assessment and Learning Plan Development – Email/Teleconference
  4. FP Inspection Theory – Online
  5. FP Inspection Regulations and Standards – Online
  6. Harness Inspection – Online + Practical
  7. Lanyard Inspection – Online + Practical
  8. Anchorage Connector Inspection – Online + Practical
  9. SRL Inspection – Online + Practical
  10. Vertical Lifeline and Rope Grab Inspection – Online + Practical
  11. Inspection Tagging and Documentation – Online + Practical
  12. FP Inspection Coaching Session – Teleconference/Videoconference

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long will it take to complete the course?

A. The course is done completely at your own pace. The whole program; – the assessment, online modules, practical exercises and coaching session takes about 10-12 hours in total. So, if you’re in a rush, you should be able to complete the entire program in 2-3 days. On average, most trainees complete the program in about a week or so.

Q. Does the course cover inspections for ALL FP Manufacturers?

A. We have designed the course based on common inspection requirements and industry best practices (including ANSI and CSA) for all FP manufacturers under those standards. Through the Field Assignment and Individual Assessment process, we will be able to “zero in” on the manufacturers that your organization has and further customize your training experience!

Q. The certification lasts for three years. Is there ongoing support?

A. Yes! As long as your certification is current and valid with Hightek, you will get ongoing email support, access to the Fall Protection Inspector Forums and even be able to gain access to any of the web training modules (upon request) to refresh your memory or review the inspection points.

Q. Does the training course include a reference manual?

A. Yes, every module has corresponding worksheets, reference documents, inspection guides, technical manuals and logsheets that you are able to download and print as you wish.

Q. Why did you choose “blended learning” and not a traditional instructor led model for this course?

A. Good question – three reasons. First, the blended learning model allows us to tailor the inspector course specific to your organizations FP equipment inventory. Second, the one-to-one coaching session will help you with how to operationalize what you have learned in the inspector training program. Third, this model allows you to train when you want, where you want and at your own pace! Its the best of all worlds!